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A note of gratitude to the Cleveland Foundation

We are thrilled to announce that we have received a gift from The Cleveland Foundation.

As the first funder of the revitalized Public Square, The Cleveland Foundation has reinforced its long tradition of supporting public parks.

In fact, their first discretionary grant in 1919 was for public parks and spaces.

The Cleveland Foundation continues to invest in the important role of supporting public spaces with a significant grant to Group Plan Commission.

“This gift will allow our team to make necessary enhancements to our operations and programs in The Square during and after COVID-19. In addition to this wonderful gift, The Cleveland Foundation has invited Group Plan Commission to participate in learning forums on the local and national level which have provided us with connections, best practices and resources that have become valuable planning tools. Thank you, Cleveland Foundation, we truly appreciate you as a thought partner, supporter, and advocate of Public Square. “ said Sanaa Julien, CEO Group Plan Commission

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