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Public Square re-dedicated in June of 2016

Tony Coyne, Chairman of The Group Plan Commission Board

On June 30, during a lively re-dedication ceremony, Cleveland’s new Public Square was unveiled. What the more than 2,500 people saw during the ceremony was the culmination of eight years of planning, a $50 million community investment, and incredible teamwork by a number of civic and corporate leaders.

Cleveland’s Mayor Frank Jackson addressed the crowd and offered his congratulations to the Group Plan Commission, LAND Studios, Donley’s Construction, and Jeff Applebaum with Thompson Hine.

“A special congratulations goes out to the people of the City of Cleveland. You know everything we do, and we’re successful at, and it turns out to be great is because we do it as a community.”

The mayor also described Public Square as a part of a new vision for the future of Cleveland. Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish also addressed the crowd and talked about Cleveland being a city on the rise. Budish shared projections for growth in downtown residents for years to come.

He called Public Square a critical piece to bringing more people to Cleveland to live.

Other dignitaries who spoke include Beth Mooney, chairman and CEO of KeyCorp, Tony Coyne, chairman of The Group Plan Commission Board, and Group Plan Commission Board Member Daniel Walsh.



We partnered with James Corner Field Operations (JCFO) to develop an active and engaging Public Square. JCFO is a world-renowned landscape architect firm that has created dynamic and inviting public spaces in Chicago, New York, Toronto, Brazil, Norway and more.

In developing the design for Public Square, JCFO has honored the historical vision of the Group Plan of 1903 and also created a modern-day public space that focuses on people. Public Square was transformed from four individual quadrants into a singular public park that can be used throughout the year for a wide range of programs and events.

Landscape and design has created a soft colorful space that invites people in and encourages them to stay.

The Square includes pedestrian pathways, green spaces for concerts and events, areas to sit and lounge, a water feature, a café and restrooms.

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument was integrated into the overall park to become more accessible.

Based on an extensive traffic-transit study and numerous discussions with RTA, the existing design for Public Square closed Ontario Street, then narrowed Superior Avenue allowing only public transit. Closures are permitted for special weekend events.



Construction of Public Square began on March 9, 2015. The construction project was completed during the Summer of 2016, after 15 months of work. Below is an image from October 16, 2015



Since the re-dedication of Public Square, the space has re-energized downtown Cleveland. The site has been home to hundreds of events, offering something for everyone. Children play in the water feature, while downtown workers eat lunch at Rebol or in the amazing new green space of The Gund Foundation Green.

Visitors have enjoyed live music, great food events like Food Trucks and Farmers' Markets. Public Square has also played host to numerous public demonstrations in the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza.

The Square has been at the center of local and national news, taking the national spotlight during the 2016 Republican National Convention hosted here in Cleveland.

A carefully assembled team brings together experts in programming, entertainment, production, digital communication and operations to program and operate Public Square.

Visit to learn more about events happening in The Square.

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